About the Author

Utanu MAA

Utanu MAA, the author, lives in Toronto and works as a public servant within the Ontario Court of Justice. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa where she studied French Literature and Law, she migrated to Montreal in 1991 where she lived for many years before heading to Toronto. She thereafter studied Fashion Marketing, Paralegal and then pursued a Law Degree that still has to be completed, as she combines work with studies. In 2004, she was a recipient of a prize for the Poetry contest organized by Canada Heritage during the celebration of the Francophonie, which is the global community of French speaking people. Couleur d’une langue (The Color of a language), her unpublished poem depicted the diversity and different accents that give rhythm and power to a language which becomes an umbrella of one identity.

Rise and Fall of My Beloved is her journey into the essence of an unconditional love and care; her heartbroken experience of accompanying a loved one dying of HIV/AIDS; her testimony and reflection as a witness of rejection and shame that our society put on patients of HIV/AIDS. The writing of Rise and Fall of My Beloved is her own lesson of resilience to deal with pain, loss, grief, to grieve, heal and continue with life after her brother’s death.

If you have any questions such as why I write what I write or you are interested in knowing if any of what I write is for real, I would love to hear from you; ask, and I will get back to you. You can connect with me through my contact page, on Amazon or Goodreads.