Month: June 2021

Westlane Cares AIDS Walk’s Interview with Utanu Maa

Westlane Cares AIDS Walk’s Interview with Utanu Maa

Video #1: Westlane Cares AIDS Walk Presents An Interview with Utanu Maa.

“Westlane Cares AIDS Walk committee welcomed poet Utanu Maa virtually to discuss her book “Rise and Fall of my Beloved”.  Utanu is inspirational.  She channeled her grief of her brother’s loss, together with the isolation in COVID into a moving story told in poetry of family love, forgiveness and resilience.  We are privileged to have spoken with her and learned about her brother.  We have renewed determination to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the AIDS pandemic is Sub – Saharan Africa.”


Video #2: A Pandemic Look Back At Westlane Cares AIDS Walks.

“Remembering better days and hoping for better tomorrows.  We are privileged to have had poet Utanu Maa help us with this retrospective of past years.  We thank her for her time and encourage everyone to read her book of poetry “Rise and Fall of my Beloved” which will be available in the Westlane library when we are back to in-person learning.”